We are a grass roots movement working to bring about a better, more affordable and comprehensive certification program for Midwives in the US. The current system is fundamentally flawed and does not adequately prepare new midwives to provide adequate care to their clients.

Information Session

On January 1st, 2021 we will be holding our first information session. Check back here for more details!

"It's about more than ourselves. Being a midwife is about families. It's about having the experience and education to provide care that enriches and empowers families."
-Heather Carmody


Apprentice Midwife

This certification shows a basic level education and experience. The Apprentice Midwife agrees to only practice under the direct supervision of a Senior Midwife.

Junior Midwife

The Junior Midwife is continuing their midwifery education. They can take their own clients and will only work with the indirect supervision of a Senior Midwife.

Senior Midwife


There are two avenues to the Senior Midwife Certification.

  1. Traditional Progression
  2. Experienced Bridge

Our Staff

Heather Carmody

Rebecca Robichaud


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Qualified Schools and Education Programs

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